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2 RiteBite Nutrition Bar + 1 RiteBite Max Protein Snacks

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RiteBite Nutrition Bar (2 item)

 Made with the goodness of natural ingredients, the mild nutty flavour of the seeds unleashes the delightful aroma of nuts, promising a modest crunch in every bite.


RiteBite Max Protein Snacks (1 item)


Taste the unbeatable blend of our deliciously flavoured RiteBite Max Protein Chinese Manchurian. Packed with gluten-free super grains like sorghum, quinoa, oats and ragi, this power snack is nutritious and energising.

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Packed with 25g protein, 10g fiber
  • Low GI, 35% less fat and no white carbs
  • Contains gluten-free super grains like Sourgam (Jowar) , Quinoa, Oats and Ragi
  • No preservatives and no artificial sweeteners
  • Available in other variants Spanish Tomato, Cream & Onion, Salt & Pepper, Desi Masala, Peri Peri and Cheese & Jalapeno.



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