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Due to Lockdown in MUMBAI-MAHARASHTRA the shipment will be delayed. Thank you for your co-operation.

Each 35g scoop packed with 27.6g fresh and pure whey protein highest protein per scoop
Unflavoured raw whey protein without any addition or fillers
Add to your favourite drink / foods like fruit juices yogurt smoothies buttermilk or just take it the way you like it
Made from 100% fresh - cows' milk with zero sugar and low in carbohydrates
Only Raw whey in India to be certified by Informed Sports - A global leader in Sports Nutrition Certification. 1st truly Made in India" whey protein Manufactured in State of the art plant in Manchar Pune. Milked processed and packed within 24 hrs to ensure freshest protein with valuable biological properties retained
Naturally occurring BCAAs and other EAAs for promoting protein synthesis speeding up recovery after intense work out building new muscle and enabling cell recovery



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