Chocomond Whey Isolate Protein Bar (45 gm) Pack of 6

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15G Isolate Whey Protein Bar (45gms)- ChocoMond Bar
You’re not done yet. You’re a work in progress, building towards something great. That’s why we made CaloPro Bars & Bites with over 15g of Isolate whey protein, with essential amino acids to help repair and build muscle, and give you the ultimate multipurpose bar. It’s the best that makes every ingredient count–so you can get the most out of your workout. Dark Chocolate & Almond Fusion
A portable, nutritious snack covered in decadent dark chocolate and almond made with Isolate Whey Protein, natural ingredients in deliciously indulgent flavours.

15g Isolate Whey Protein: Isolate Whey Protein, Yummy! Dark Chocolate, SuperFlour, Almond.
Artisanal Quality
No Soy Protein
No Sugar Alcohols
No Artificial Sweeteners
0g TransFat
195 Energy Kcal
67.50 Fat Kcal
Low Carbs

Benefits :- This bar is free from Sucralose, Refined Sugars, Maltitol, Polyol, Soy Protein and Artificial Sweeteners which makes this product nutritionally rich and tasty! This product has anti-oxidant properties, it helps in anti-ageing, also improves the quality of nutrients. “Healthy fats” that are naturally present in the nuts balances lipid profile, also reduces insulin resistance, thereby making this snack suitable for diabetics too. Lastly, the low Glycemic Index and smart grain flour make it the Ideal ON-THE-GO Protein Bar for any Athlete.



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