Green Wash, Fruit & Vegetable Washer, 200ml

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Greenbrrew Organic Green Wash, Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner - removes toxic, germs, bacteria, pesticides, dirt, dust, farm chemicals, waxes & preservatives. MADE With Organic ingredients, Organic Lemon Extract, Acidity regulator & H2O. Washing the vegetables and fruits with plain water is not enough these days. As they have many toxic elements like germs, bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and many other impurities. Green Wash fruit & vegetable washer is a formula made with food-grade ingredients to wash the veggies and fruit in minutes.

  • Removes toxic, germs, bacteria, pesticides, dirt, dust, farm chemicals and waxes
  • How to Use - Squeeze approx 10ml or 2 spoon green wash in 500ml water. Soak the fruits or vegetables in the solution for 2 min, Rub thoroughly with hand dipped within solution. Transfer the fruits or vegetables was under running tap water or clean water.
  • No preservative, No soap, No chlorine, No detergent.



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