Herbobuild: For Enhanced Stamina & Peak Fitness - 50 Capsules

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  • Benefits of Herbobuild Capsules

    • Helps improve protein absorption
    • Helps promote digestion & utilization of protein by the muscles
    • Helps build superior muscle strength & stamina
    • Helps speed up post-workout recovery
    • Steroid-free & safe for long-term use

    Product Details

    Dr. Vaidya’s Herbobuild is our signature muscle gain capsule that has helped millions get desired strength, lean muscle, optimum stamina, and fitness. With a 100% vegan and gluten-free formula, Herbobuild leverages the science of Ayurved to improve protein synthesis & digestion.

    Protein is essential for muscle build, but often it does not get completely absorbed and digested, and muscle gains slow down. Because protein is not absorbed well, it also causes digestive issues and bloating. This muscle gain capsule contains Safed Musli and Kaunch Beej which help completely break down protein for better digestion, absorption, and utilization by the muscles to increase their strength and size. It therefore also helps convert protein to muscle faster.

    How does Herbobuild muscle gain capsule work?

    • 1. It helps elevate testosterone & growth hormone levels
    • 2. This causes an increase in amino acids in muscle cells
    • 3. This enhances muscle protein synthesis for better absorption & utilization of dietary protein

    Dr. Vaidya’s natural muscle gain capsule lets you make the most out of your protein shakes for better strength, stamina, & fitness.

    What’s more? While most brands only contain 3 active ingredients, this muscle gain capsule provides 6 potent Ayurvedic ingredients.

    6 Super Herbs in Herbobuild

    • 1. Ashwagandha: Improves muscle mass & strength by improving testosterone, reducing cortisol, and promoting creatine levels.
    • 2. Shatavari: Promotes post-workout recovery from fatigue and soreness while combating oxidative stress.
    • 3. Safed Musli: Improves muscle protein synthesis by increasing testosterone levels for elevated fitness, stamina, and athletic performance.
    • 4. Gokshura: Improves testosterone production, reduces inflammation and combats oxidative damage to muscles, resulting in enhanced athletic performance.
    • 5. Methi: Improves testosterone levels to enhance muscle protein synthesis for lean muscle gain and better post-exercise recovery.
    • 6. Kaunch Beej: Increases testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels for faster lean muscle gain and better strength to help achieve peak fitness.

    Who should take Herbobuild?

    Herbobuild is a doctor-researched and approved formula to achieve lean muscle mass and peak fitness for these consumers:

    •  For lean body: Herbobuild stimulates muscle protein synthesis to increase lean muscle mass without getting fat.
    •  To gain healthy weight: Herbobuild helps increase muscle size, leading to healthy weight gain without fat gain.
    •  For lean muscle gain: Herbobuild helps improve muscle protein synthesis and testosterone levels for muscle mass gain.
    •  To boost athletic performance: Herbobuild reduces fatigue and soreness while improving muscle fibre size and strength, resulting in improved athletic performance.
    •  For the elderly with declining muscle strength: Herbobuild helps improve muscle protein synthesis to support and maintain muscle mass and strength.



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