Herbobuild DS (Double Strength)

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  • Key Benefits - Herbobuild DS

    • Helps enhance protein synthesis for faster muscle building
    • Helps boost testosterone
    • Helps build muscle strength & stamina
    • Helps speed up post-workout recovery

    Product Details

    Herbobuild DS is a supercharged, double-strength variant of Herbobuild, Dr. Vaidya’s best-selling athletic performance booster.

    With double the concentration of herbs like Ashwagandha and Safed Musli, this Ayurvedic product can help you with faster muscle growth. These ingredients help supercharge protein synthesis to maximize your performance and muscle gains while hitting the gym. They allow your body to, more effectively, convert dietary protein from your diet and protein shakes into protein that your body uses to repair muscle damage caused by exercising, leading to bigger and stronger muscles.

    Simply put, with Herbobuild DS, you can up your gym game and get results faster!

    6 Super Herbs In Herbobuild DS

    • 1. Ashwagandha: Helps boost testosterone and creatine levels for superior muscle mass & strength
    • 2. Shatavari: Helps combat post-workout soreness by boosting recovery
    • 3. Safed Musli: Helps supercharge muscle protein synthesis for elevated stamina and athletic performance
    • 4. Gokshura: Helps support testosterone production and reduce inflammation
    • 5. Methi: Helps promote muscle protein synthesis and post-workout recovery
    • 6. Kaunch Beej: Helps boost testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels

    Who Should Take Herbobuild DS?

    Herbobuild DS comes with double-strength herbs of the time-tested Herbobuild.

      •  Gaining muscle mass: Herbobuild DS boosts muscle protein synthesis and testosterone production for faster muscle gain.
      •  Boosting athletic performance: Herbobuild DS helps enhance exercise performance factors like strength, stamina, power, and energy levels.
      •  Enhancing post-workout recovery: Herbobuild DS contains herbs that combat free radicals while boosting the recovery rate.

    Herbobuild DS is formulated to help enhance the benefits you get from your protein intake and exercise routine. If you want to take your muscle gain to the next level, choose Herbobuild DS as your gym partner.


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