FitZup Rocket Pre-Workout Fruit Punch Flavour Creatine (450 g. Fruit Punch)

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Introducing the industry’s first FitZup Rocket Pre Workout, which is a concentrated pre-workout supplement designed to deliver amplified energy, focus and endurance support. Each concentrated scoop features innovative ingredients which are designed to support training performance. Our Pre Workout is available in 2 refreshing flavors that mix easily in water and are delivered via exclusive effervescent technology. This concentrated energy formula was designed for advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts who need energy and focus from their pre-workout formula at amplified levels. Each serving is an excellent blend that provides intense energy, focus and endurance that is well-suited to long sessions of aerobic activity or high intensity workouts. It has been designed specially keeping in mind that no bloating or water retention occurs after consuming this. Hence this pre-workout solution does not contain Creatine Monohydrate. Instead it contains Creatine HCL which provides better ATP turnover sans the bloating; giving you desired energy and results for your high intensity training program. Provides amplified energy levels for High Intensity Training, Strength Based Training. Enhances Focus and Mental Alertness. Helps Provide Power and endurance. Added Citrulline Malate which improves muscle functionality during workout. Added Creatine HCL to provide better ATP Turnover. No Creatine Monohydrate. No Added Sugar. No Banned Substances. No Side effects.



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