Quinoa Puffs - Fiery Spice

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These mouth-watering puffs come with delightful dollops of super grains like Quinoa , Amaranth , Ragi , Soy and Maize . To top it up, a twist of spices is added. The new flavor is our take on the Indian Masala flavor with the right balance of spiciness and tanginess. They are neither fried nor baked, but roasted to perfection with all natural seasoning.


Ingredients: Quinoa, Maize, Rice, Fiery Spice Seasoning [ Salt,Sugar ,Spices & Condiments(Chili, Fenil, Aniseeds, Fenugreek,Coriander, Mustard, Cumin), Mango Powder, Garlic, Onion,Dehydrated Herbs, Asafoetida] Edible vegetable oil, Dehydrated Potato, Soy, Gram dal, Amaranth,Ragi.
Gluten Free, No added MSG, Cholesterol Free, Roasted – Not Baked, Not Fried, Good Source of Protein, No Added Preservatives, No Trans Fat.
Made from natural ingredients, high in dietary fibre.



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