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Lose upto 2 kg

Package Elements :

Dedicated Nutritionist consultations Reduce Meals

Unlimited Chat

Weight Control Kit

Activity Tracker Pedometer


*Program Cost including Taxes.

Reduce – Home Based Weight Loss Program
Reduce is based on the unique principle of portion controlled low fat & high Fiber healthy diet, under guidance of our highly trained dieticians, which helps an individual to REDUCE weight without starving.

REDUCE is outcome of 3 years of dedicated research of our team of dieticians & nutritionists at our National Nutrition Centre (NNC). REDUCE doesn't require any lifestyle modification, exercise, starvation, visits to our centre or cooking complicated recipes. Reduce is absolutely free from Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic medicines, pills or capsules.
REDUCE is extremely personalized and flexible home based weight loss program.

How it works

Member enrols for online program
Dedicated REDUCE Expert is assigned who guides throughout the program to help the member achieve his /her weight loss goal. (Regular tele-counseling & monitoring for Weight loss )
To monitor weight on daily basis we will provide Weight control kit (Weighing Scale, Measuring tape, Pedometer, 2 Bowls, 1 Shaker )
We have developed low fat, high fibre foods which form the mainstay of the diet program. 3 nutritious meals are provided every day (1-Main meal, 1- Snack, 1-Beverage)
Member can lose up to 1 KG weight per Week, which is considered to be healthy
What is more, you can comply and be on REDUCE program from any place, home-office- while travelling, partying or just any place. That’s how convenient REDUCE is.

Note: - All obese / overweight people with various medical conditions like hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, PCOD, etc can benefit from the program.

Extremely Convenient & Easy to follow:

It is extremely convenient as, there is No need to change your existing lifestyle, your current food pattern & No need to exercise or visit our centers
There is No need to cook separately for yourself, we provide you 3 meals (1 –Snacks, 1 Meal & 1 drink per day) which has got great variety
No restrictions on diet and absolutely NO Herbal / Ayurvedic medicines, pills or capsules at all, it completely natural.
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