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RiteBite Max Protein 20g Bar (Pack of 2)

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Max Protein Choco Fudge is an undeniably delicious bar made with select nuts like almonds and cashews and a rich base of chocolate.
It is rich in electrolytes to keep you recharged all day.
This 100% vegetarian bar consists of 21 vital Vitamins & Minerals. Electrolytes. Omega 3. Amino Acid (L-Glutamine). which makes it wholesome.
It is an on-the-go bar that helps you save time. while you get other things done in your busy life.
It has high protein (20gm) and fibre (5gm) to keep you energized. so you stop at nothing.
It's prebiotic in nature and even helps you keep your hunger in check for 3 hours.

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