FitZup Probiotic Prebiotic with Fructo Oligo Saccharides. High Potency. Multi Strain. 90 tablets (90 No)

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FitZup Probiotic Prebiotic with Fructo Oligo Saccharides, High Potency, Multi Strain, 90 tablets. "FitZup’s Probiotics is a multiple genera, multi-species, high potency Probiotic. The Probiotics or the good bacteria have various benefits like enhancing digestive capacity, preventing gas and abdominal cramps. Also, Probiotics are helpful for maintaining immunity. A much-in-demand supplement, to strengthen the digestive tract and nutrient absorption levels, just got a FitZup twist! The Probiotics capsules not only helps in absorbing vitamins but also play an important role to boost your daily energy levels. It is a known fact that Ayurvedic diagnosis is known for their super-effective traits with no side effects. Sticking to this age-old tested solution makes the Probiotic capsules safe for daily consumption. Put all the doubts surrounding the aftermath of Probiotics to rest. ". Probiotics are pure veg, making it safe for consumption for vegetarians. Store in a dry place and keep out of sunlight to make sure that the product is stored for the mentioned shelf life.Your supplement to nourish your digestive health and helps fight infection. Safe for daily intake, the good bacteria will help you stock up the vitamin and nutrient levels.Take 1 serving daily or as recommended by the physician.



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