FitZup Testo-One (Mucunaflex. Triboflex. Megaflex). Herbal Testosterone Booster. Muscle Mass Booster. 270 Capsules (270 No)

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Best herbal supplement for naturally boosting testosterone
Mucunaflex consists of Ashwagandha and Safed Musli which aids in reducing stress and boost your testosterone levels. The capsules are made with clarified butter.
Triboflex is enriched with Gokshura extract that aids in muscle building, improves immunity and digestion.
Megaflex contains Shuddha Shilajit which is a natural testo booster. It is also known to burn fat and increase muscle mass
Take 3 soft capsules from each bottle, preferably 2 hours after Meals. For Better Results, take a second serving before sleep. This product is non returnable



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